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The Vinepower vinyeard contracting team provides year-round professional viticultural contracting services at competitive rates. We cover large areas of vineyard quickly and effectively, while maintaining the highest delivery standards with staff that are experienced in all areas of vineyard practices, from development to hand harvest. Vinepower has a New Zealand first employment policy that it supplements with international staff. Peak season, Vinepower employs approximately 250+ staff. Vinepower’s pricing reflects our efficiencies, yet we offer the ‘personal’ touch of working alongside vineyard managers and owners to ensure they get the best job completed for their needs.


   Vinepower Key Strategies

  • Professionalism | Consistently conducting business in a professional manner
  • Trust | Proving trustworthiness, time and time again; always complying with all required regulations
  • Consistency | In everything it does, Vinepower is consistent: service, quality, pricing

Our People

Jason Kennard | Director, Vinepower
With an extensive background in horticulture, Jason has worked in both horticulture and viticulture in Australia and New Zealand for the past 15 years. Jason oversees the operational requirements that take place in the field day-to-day at Vinepower by ensuring quality, pricing and service consistently surpasses client expectations.
Jason Kennard | M: 021 786 191 E:

Daryl Mason | Field Manager, Vinepower
Starting with Vinepower in 2004 Daryl is experienced in many aspects of agriculture and viticulture, and has a certificate in vineyard practice. Daryl brings leadership and organisational skills to Vinepower, and co-ordinates work scheduling with clients as well as managing Vinepower's team of vinyeard staff and supervisors.
If you would like to discuss your viticultural needs or looking for viticultural work contact Daryl and she will be happy to help.
Daryl Mason| M: 021 341 628 E:



Jono Bushell | Director, Vinepower
Driven by the opportunity to drive consolidation and professionalism in Marlborough’s vineyard contracting industry, Jono has taken a leading role in the growth and development of Vinepower. Jono manages staff recruitment and works to ensure that Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) staff are work-ready and able to fully meet clients’ expectations.
Jono Bushell | M: 021 863 006 E:

Sharyn Blick | Office Administrator, Vinepower
Lead pastoral caregiver to Vinepower’s RSE workers as well as office administrator, Sharyn joined Vinepower in 2006 and brings to the business a depth of experience and skill in working with people of differing ethnicities and sectors of the community.
Sharyn Blick | M: 021 621 453 E:

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